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Terms & Conditions

Diplôme de Cuisine and Passion for Excellence Scholarship


Le Cordon Bleu / Profusion Culinary Arts Inc operates a competition in which participants attempt to win a prize using their skill and judgement.

The prize will be to study for a Diplôme de Cuisine Scholarship at Le Cordon Bleu school in Ottawa, Canada. It will comprise a Scholarship featuring three courses including Basic, Intermediate and Superior Cuisine over a nine month period together with a 5000.00 internship. Student accommodation during Le Cordon Bleu School’s term is the responsibility of the applicant.

The winner of Le Cordon Bleu Passion for Excellence Scholarship Award will also work in the kitchen of a high profile chef as an intern. The winner will agree with the high profile chef the reasonable amount of time to be spent as an intern as soon as practicable.

The Scholarship cannot be exchanged for cash or equivalent value and will be non-transferable by the competition winner.

The Scholarship can only be taken up at Le Cordon Bleu school in Ottawa. All classes will be taught in English.

The Scholarship is to commence at the start of the next available term after it is awarded.

No fee is required to enter the competition.

Applications must meet our Canadian citizens or permanent residents admissions requirements.

Only one application will be accepted per person.


You cannot enter the competition if you are an employee, relative or associate of an employee or agent of Le Cordon Bleu / Profusion Culinary Arts Inc or any parent, subsidiary or associated company - Le Cordon Blue Culinary Arts Institute/s.

To enter the competition you must be lawfully resident in Canada when you apply and remain so throughout the duration of the competition and for any period during which you remain in Canada to take advantage of the Scholarship if you are chosen as the winner. This competition is not open to individual’s resident elsewhere in, or outside, Canada. You agree by entering this competition that Profusion Culinary Arts Inc. is entitled at any time during the Competition to ask you for proof of your lawful entitlement to remain in Canada.

You must be no younger than 18 years of age at 23.59pm EST on July 31st, 2017 (the Closing Date).

No application can be made on behalf of anyone other than the individual who is entering the competition and it cannot be transferred. When you register to apply you must include your name, address, contact telephone number and email address.

If you are not the account holder of the telephone or email account whose number you give in your application you must obtain the consent of the person who is.

No previous experience of cooking is required to apply for Diplôme de Cuisine Scholarship.

The competition

To apply you must use your passion, knowledge and creativity to answer our three questions. Each answer should must include a minimum of 50 words and a maximum of 250 words.

You must exercise your skill and judgment to create and produce a demo video clip of no more than 2 minute stating: Your Passion for Excellence and How Le Cordon Bleu Cuisine Diploma might help you achieve and grow that passion. Try to tell us who you are and why you are passionate. What are you passionate about and how does that relate to our award?

The video clip must be constructed, completed and performed by you, the applicant.

Any voiceover or speech featured in the video clip must be in English.

The video clip must have a file size which does not exceed 200 Mb.

Your application must be accompanied by your video clip which must be capable of being uploaded to Le Cordon Bleu at

All completed applications must be received online following registration at before 23.59 EST on 31st July 2016 (the Closing Date). Entries which do not comply with the Competition terms and conditions or which provide untruthful, inaccurate or misleading information or are submitted after the Closing Date will not be entertained.

General contractual matters

By registering and by sending your application, you agree to these terms and conditions as varied from time to time.

You will not without Profusion Culinary Arts Inc prior written consent disclose, publish or discuss with any third party any information relating to the Passion for Excellence Scholarship Award, your appearance in the Canadian Scholarship Award, the production team or any participants in the Canadian Scholarship Award nor any other information which may come to your attention including without limitation in relation to Profusion Culinary Arts Inc or otherwise save where such information is already in the public domain.

You give your authorisation to be photographed and/or filmed during the classes and/or activities taking place on the premises of "Le Cordon Bleu, Ottawa"/Profusion Culinary Arts Inc. You acknowledge and agree that your name and pictures may be used for Le Cordon Bleu marketing purposes in any and all form of communication known today or in the future.

You must also agree to the publication of your name, age, the town or city which you live, responses of the questions given in the application on the Le Cordon Bleu websites, affiliate websites, online communications (such as emailing’s and newsletters) and social media channels.

Your application and video clip must not contain anything which is obscene libellous or otherwise unlawful or which infringes the rights of others or which shows you have exposed yourself to or which poses a risk to others of danger or the risk of injury.

You, by registering and uploading your video clip, agree to Profusion Culinary Arts Inc having a non-exclusive licence unlimited as to medium time or place to use and where required to copy your video clip for the purposes of this competition and for publicity.

An acknowledgement of receipt of your application will be supplied by Profusion Culinary Arts Inc but no responsibility will be accepted for any applications not actually received by Le Profusion Culinary Arts Inc before the Closing Date regardless of the reason for non-receipt.

The making of an application does not guarantee that you will qualify for an interview as the next step in the competition for Diplôme de Cuisine.

If you do not proceed beyond the application stage no further use will be made of your application details. Personal information may be retained to check that no multiple applications are made.

Selection for the interview stage of the competition will be based on your aptitude, skill and judgment demonstrated in the application form you have submitted.

Le Cordon Bleu Limited’s judging panel will be drawn from the staff of the Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa school and Restaurants Canada, who will consider the extent to which the knowledge, passion, skills and aspirations of the applicant are appropriate to the courses offered by Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa/Profusion Culinary Arts Inc.

The judging panel’s decisions at each stage of the competition are final. No correspondence regarding such will be entertained. Profusion Culinary Arts Inc will invite applicants for personal interview by the Judges Panel. Following those personal interviews 3 finalists will be selected again on the basis of the quality of the applicant’s performance in interview, and each of the finalists may be invited to engage in a practical cooking experience at the Judges’ discretion. Each such finalist will be asked before the final interview to agree to abide by the rules of Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa/Profusion Culinary Arts Inc, if he or she is chosen as the winner of Diplôme de Cuisine. See link for more details:

Interviews will take place at a time and location to be decided at the sole discretion of Le Cordon Bleu/Profusion Culinary Arts Inc, whose decision will be final. If you are invited for interview you will have reasonable costs of attendance and living expenses if any covered by Le Cordon Bleu/ Profusion Culinary Arts Inc.

Proof of age must be produced by you at any interview, as will proof of employment with a Restaurants Canada Member. The interview process will be recorded and the records may subsequently be used by Le Cordon Bleu/Profusion Culinary Arts Inc for promotional use. You will be required to confirm your model release before any interview begins. If you do not confirm it you cannot be interviewed and your application will not be further entertained.

No applicant may take or record or procure anyone else on his or her behalf to take or record any image photograph film or sound recording of himself or herself or any other person at Le Cordon Bleu School premises or at premises where interviews may be conducted during the competition. The winner of the competition will be notified by email, post or telephone within 60 days after the finalists’ interview has taken place.

Profusion Culinary Arts Inc reserves the right in its absolute discretion to modify the enrolment procedure, fees, organization and/or structure of any or all of its courses provided that the Scholarship awarded to the winner shall not be affected by any such modification. The programmes, learning materials and original recipes used in conjunction with the Competition are the intellectual property of Le Cordon Bleu International BV. All reproduction or transmission, integral or partial, of the content of the course, learning materials and/or recipes used in the course of the Competition, in any form or by any means (photocopying, scanning, re-typing and/or other) is formally prohibited without the written and prior authorisation of Profusion Culinary Arts Inc.

If for any reason beyond the control of Profusion Culinary Arts Inc, the Scholarship cannot be taken up by the winner, Profusion Culinary Arts Inc are not obliged to offer the winner any compensation.

All applicants by applying to register acknowledge that Profusion Culinary Arts Inc shall not be liable for any accident, loss or damage occurring to any applicant or third party which occurs when the applicant is not under the direct physical supervision of Le Cordon Bleu Limited’s staff or contractors during the competition process.

Profusion Culinary Arts Inc shall be under no liability whatsoever to any applicant for any loss or damage, except personal injury or death caused by the negligent act or omission of Le Cordon Bleu \Profusion Culinary Arts Inc, its employees or officers in the course of their employment.

The views, values, associations, service and products of the accommodation provider, if any, in this competition in no way represents the views, values, associations, service and products of Profusion Culinary Arts Inc

To find out how Le Cordon Bleu Limited may use any personal information you provide to us, please read the privacy policy which can be found at:

Le Cordon Bleu /Profusion Culinary Arts Inc reserves the right to cancel or postpone any part or the whole of the competition at any time in the event of anything occurring beyond the control of Le Cordon Bleu /Profusion Culinary Arts Inc which would make completion of the competition impossible or unlawful.

If any applicant is discovered to have given Le Cordon Bleu /Profusion Culinary Arts Inc or its staff or the organisers of the competition inaccurate information at any stage of the competition he/she will be disqualified.

Each Applicant must notify Le Cordon Bleu\ Profusion Culinary Arts Inc immediately of any arrest charge or other criminal procedure to which he or she is subject following his or her submission of an application and before the completion of the competition for so long as he or she remains in contention to win it.

Each applicant is under a continuing duty to inform Le Cordon Bleu /Profusion Culinary Arts Inc of any change updating or correction of information provided in his or her application which because of time or event becomes inaccurate.

The competition and its terms and conditions are governed by the law of Canada.

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